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August 5, 2018


And so I have retired from traveling and travel blogging…

But now I have found time to continue sharing travel stories – but this time maybe in a different tune (I am now with my baby boy and my wife).

Posts before 2018 would now just be archives.

Perhaps this blog would now be a family travel blog. Priorities change, travel criteria also changes.

Let’s see, but for now my travel continues.



This is a revival of my long sleeping personal travel blog. This blog was previous named Pinoy Solo Traveler, but when I become no longer a solo traveler I abandoned this blog and created a new travel photo blog named Pinoy DIY Traveler.

Who am I? Some people may already know me. In case, you don’t know me yet, you may view my old About Page here. I also have the following websites or social sites:

I have traveled so much in the Philippines that I believe I am about to retire traveling. Well, I would mean going to places that would require me an airplane ticket at least. Other than for my personal reason that I am saturated in going places, prices of Promo Airline Fare is not so cheap anymore.

And sometimes when I think of stopping some activity, that’s when I realize that I will continue doing it again. And I hope that this what will happen to me with regards to my travel retirement idea – to continue more travel!

Then why should I continue writing travel blogs?

If you are not generating income in your travel blog, I think that is one reason to stop travel blogging. But of course, not all of us write for money reason. Perhaps some of us write to inform and share what we had experienced and learned. Perhaps some of us write to expose some travel destinations that were newly explored or newly discovered. And perhaps some of us write a travel write-up to help a place, a person, a community, a town, a spot to become income generating somehow.

But are we really helping? Have we not contributed some damage to that natural spot or site?

I am just asking. As I have seen what I have asked.

For me now, the reason for this revived travel blog is just something and purely personal. I want to gather travel-minded people like me, who loves going to a particular destination as cheaply as possible. And this can be accomplished if people who would happen to travel on the same date and destination share cost on transportation.

Others who would find this blog helpful in their travel plan would always be welcome to use the information here. But I am putting some disclaimer here, that the experience here could be unique for myself and information posted here would be obsolete in the coming future.

So that’s about it I think.

Travel if we must, but please Travel Responsibly.