Taytay Palawan Trip 2013

Napuntahan Ko Na!


I have been curious about Taytay Palawan ever since. From the map I can see that it also has many islands. When going to El Nido you would always stop by the bus terminal at Taytay. Since El Nido now is very very crowded, I was looking for an alternative. And I think Taytay is a very good alternative.

How Many Days Should I Allot?

  • If you just want to visit the town and the historical fort, you can just spend a day trip for  this.
  • If you want to relax and stay overnight at this place, then spend 1 night at least.
  • If you want to do island hopping tour, then spend 2 nights at least.
  • If you want to do other activities as offered by the lodging, then stay more than 2 nights.

Going To Taytay Palawan

  • From Airport, ride a tricycle outside the airport gate. Drop at…

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