2012 11 30 – 12 02 DIY Tagbilaran Snorkeling Trip

Fri, Nov 30

 This Trip Costs = P2745/2pax
Excludes Food & Air Fare Cost
5:20 AM PHT Manila (MNL) to Tagbilaran (TAG)
Philippine Airlines 0171
6:35 AM PHT Arrive Tagbilaran (TAG)
 NAIA Terminal Fee = P200 x 2pax = P400
7:00 AM PHT Public Tricycle To Lodging
7:15 AM PHT Arrive
 Fare: P10
x 2 pax 
x 2 way
8:35 AM PHT Casa Juana Lodging – Arrive
 P600 x 2nights = P1200
9:00 AM PHT Rent Motorcycle 2days
9:30 AM PHT Arrive
 Rent for 2 days = P850
Fuel = P200
10:00 AM PHT Snorkeling 1

10:00am to 12:00pm

Batya Beach / Biking Marine Sanctuary

From the Circumferential Road 
you will see a signpost "Batya Beach / Biking Marine Sanctuary"

Follow the road, then the trail. 
You will pass 2 big houses. 
At the end of the road, there is another big house. 
Before the end of the road, at your left, there is a trail. 
Following this trail you will see stone stairs going down. 
Then you will see 1 cottage. 
I think this is what they call the Batya Beach. 
There is no sandy beach really, just rocks. 
From the cottage, there is a stone stairs that leads you to the sea.

To the right, there is the Marine Sanctuary. 
To the left, farther, you can see Bikini Beach already.

We did not see much coral or fish underwater. 
Maybe because we did not explore much. 
The feeling that we were the only one there 
makes us feel we are on the wrong spot. 
After not seeing so much, we decided to go back to our motorbike.
12:00 PM PHT Proceed To Bikini Beach
12:15 PM PHT Arrive
12:15 PM PHT Snorkeling 2
 Bikini Beach

The signpost of Bikini Beach is rather hidden. 
It is posted on a small house facing one side of the road. 
Another landmark here is Chita Store. 
Anyway, this is the next corner street after Batya Beach Trail.

When we arrived there, 
there were some locals relaxing and swimming there. 
There is also few small local beach resorts here.

This is where we ate our lunch. 
There is a small bench under the tree.

After lunch, we snorkeled. 
We have swam quite far from the shore already, 
and we have not seen much corals and fishes. 
Maybe we need to explore farther.

The beach of Bikini Beach is really powdery white. 
I think this is a good beach choice for a typical Pinoy tourist. 
To the right, you will see the Batya Beach. 
To the left, you will see La Mar Serena Beach 
- our next destination.
2:15 PM PHT Proceed To La Mar Serena Beach
2:30 PM PHT Arrive
2:30 PM PHT Beach Sightseeing 1
La Mar Serena Beach, San Isidro, Panglao, Bohol
2:30pm to 3:00pm
 I Called This Spot La Mar Serena Beach

After Bikini Beach, 
the next corner street would have a signpost of 
La Pernela Beach Resort. 
At the end of the road, 
there seems to be a closed resort - La Mar Serena Resort. 
The beach stretch here is quite small, 
but the sand here is very powdery fine.

We just did some photo shoot here.

Checking my map, 
further to the right I believe is the 
Dao-San Isidro Marine Sanctuary. 
We did not snorkel here 
because the shore is quite far from this spot, 
and also because the waves is quite strong here.
We also visited Libaong Beach…
3:00 PM PHT Proceed To Tawala & Snacks At Albertos Pizza
4:00 PM PHT Arrive
4:30 PM PHT Return To Tagbilaran
5:00 PM PHT Arrive

Sat, Dec 1

7:30 AM PHT Proceed To Panglao
10:00 AM PHT Arrive
10:00 AM PHT Snorkeling 3
Kalipayan Beach, Danao, Panglao, Bohol
10:00am to 12:30pm
 Kalipayan Beach

Before we arrive here, we got lost first. 

The signpost was Calypso Resort billboard. 
At the left of the circumferential road, 
there are 2 roads, that looks like a V. 
We took the right of the V-road, 
and we ended up at Calypso Beach. 
We looked for another way, 
we ended up in Bita-ug Beach, 
which seems to have no access to the beach 
because of the resort at the end of the road. 
We went back at the left of the V-road, 
and proceeded straight ahead (as instructed to us), 
then viola, at the left there is the Kalipayan Beach.

We have been here before, 
but we were fooled by the road fronting Kalipayan Resort. 
We thought it was the end of the road, but it is not yet. 
At the left of the road, 
there is this trail that goes down to the beach.

Upon reaching this place, we snorkeled the place immediately. 
Finally the corals here is quite good. 
There is not so much fish here. 
We spent more time snorkeling here.

Again the sand here is powdery fine. 
After snorkeling, we took our lunch here. 
Then did some photo shoot.
12:30 PM PHT Proceed To Tawala
12:45 PM PHT Arrive
12:45 PM PHT Snorkeling 4
Tawala FS, Alona Beach, Tawala, Panglao, Bohol
12:45pm to 1:45pm
 Tawala Beach aka Alona Beach

This beach is really quite crowded. 
After parking the motorbike, we immediately snorkeled. 

We snorkeled the front of the Alona Beach, 
and there is just a little coral formation, 
and not so much fish.

We got tired upon reaching the end of the beach, 
so we went back, and decided to go back to the motorbike.

Perhaps next time, we will snorkel the Fish Sanctuary. 
It is still quite far from the end the Alona Beach. 
Therefore, next time we should start here.
1:45 PM PHT Proceed To Flushing Meadows
2:00 PM PHT Arrive
2:00 PM PHT Beach Sightseeing 2
 Flushing Meadows

I did not see any signpost of Flushing Meadows. 
But what I noticed is that the road leading here 
is a good asphalted road. 
From the La Pernela Street Coner, 
this good asphalted road, would be the next corner street.

Following the asphalted road, 
this will take you to the outside gate of Flushing Meadows Resort. 
At the end of the road is a pier-looking structure. At the right side is a small beach.

We did not snorkeled here 
because we got tired already from snorkeling. 
And so we just did some photo shoot.
3:00 PM PHT Return To Tagbilaran
3:30 PM PHT Arrive
4:30 PM PHT Proceed To Punta Sta Cruz
5:00 PM PHT Arrive
5:00 PM PHT Punta Sta Cruz Watch Tower
5:00pm to 5:30pm
 Entrance Fee = P5 x 2pax = P10
Parking Fee = P5
5:30 PM PHT Return To Tagbilaran
6:00 PM PHT Arrive

Sun, Dec 2

8:40 AM PHT Casa Juana Lodging – Depart
9:00 AM PHT Public Tricycle To Airport
9:15 AM PHT Arrive
10:40 AM PHT Tagbilaran (TAG) to Manila (MNL)
Philippine Airlines 0174
11:55 AM PHT Arrive Manila (MNL)
 Tagbilaran Terminal Fee = P20 x 2pax = P40

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