Joiner Update: 4 have plane tickets already!

Pinoy DIY Traveler

Target Date: September 8, 2012

Target Spot: Digyo Island, Quatro Islas, Inopacan, Leyte

Tour Invitation Objective: To share boat rent cost in going to Digyo Island

What About:

  • Digyo Island is part of the Quatro Islas.
  • This island is small and is not settled by locals. (So I read)
  • Very good beach, and also good coral formation. (So I read)

BlogĀ Resources:


This is an open invitation for those who want to see and visit this island at Inopacan Leyte. With its good corals (so I read), this place is promising. By sharing boat rent expense, our trip would be more affordable! Please contact me if joining or interested. Or fill up the form found HERE.

To get here, buy plane ticket going to Tacloban City taking the first flight. You can also buy plane ticket going to Ormoc City. But in our case, we have planeā€¦

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