Travel Plan: Ormoc – Padre Burgos – Ormoc In 3 Days

Here’s My Travel Plan:
Destination: Ormoc – Padre Burgos – Ormoc
Date: Oct 30 to Nov 1, 2010
Target Itinerary:
Oct 30
– Arrive Ormoc at 2pm. Immediately travel to Padre Burgos
– 6pm at Padre Burgos. Maybe stay at Peter’s Dive Resort.
Oct 31
– Snorkel at Tangkaan Beach. Maybe join a dive boat or just travel there.
– Afternoon. Check out. Travel to Maasin City.
– Overnight at Maasin City. Scout Maasin.
Nov 1
– around 5am, check out. travel to Ormoc City.
– hope to be at Ormoc Airport at 12nn

Let’s see what will happen and compare this.



  1. Hi Mr Owen,

    My first time to come across your blog. Interesting! Allow me to ask some queries:

    1. What prompted you to decide to go to Padre Burgos?

    2. How did you get to know of Padre Burgos?

    3. What are your expectations?

    4. There are many other beautiful dive sites in the Visayas yet you chose Padre Burgos over sites like Apo Island, Bohol, Malapascua, etc?

    My father is from Padre Burgos but our family is based in Dumaguete City. I and my father visit Padre Burgos roughly six times a year, just a few hours stay to meet his siblings there.



    • hi maurice,

      thanks for the comment! 🙂

      to answer your queries:
      1. What prompted you to decide to go to Padre Burgos? – I am always in search of best snorkeling sites. And I read somewhere in the internet that Padre Burgos is one of the best diving site. When there is some foreigners flocking a place, it must really be a good place. And it was since last year I think that I already wanted to go to Padre Burgos. And only this date that I was able to buy a plane ticket to Ormoc.

      2. How did you get to know of Padre Burgos? – Internet of course. When I am searching some details about a place I just Google-search. Eventually some other places also appears.

      3. What are your expectations? – None. I have been traveling ever since I started in 2002, and I learn not to expect on a place. But I do make a plan on what should I be doing there, and what are the objectives I wish to fulfil.

      4. There are many other beautiful dive sites in the Visayas yet you chose Padre Burgos over sites like Apo Island, Bohol, Malapascua, etc? – I believe Padre Burgos is one of the best dive site in the Philippines. Well, I will know few days from now. I am just glad that it is still not that popular among common Pinoy, maybe because it’s a diving destination rather than a beach or resort destination. I have seen in my travels how a place can be ruined by commercialism.

      I have been in Apo Island, Balicasag Island, Moalboal Cebu, etc. And I just want to see this place. It is really a big difference to see and experience it in person, rather than see and read pictures and articles about it.

      Perhaps on some other dates, I will try Padre Burgos via Tacloban route.

  2. Hi Owen!

    Thanks for the response! 🙂

    Nice learning bout your travel style. I’m learning. Pls keep us followers of your blog updated with your Padre Burgos adventure.

    And please do share your comments on what Padre Burgos lacks in terms of serving the tourism industry, or what areas of concern where Burgos needs to improve on.

    Happy snorkeling!


  3. UPDATE: Oct 30, 2010

    I was not able to make it to Padre Burgos this date.


    Because of AirPhil Express.

    I have a speculation that the reason why AirPhil Express have so many canceled flight today is because of the PAL employee strike.

    They seem to prioritize PAL, so that the sister company AirPhil Express (APE) suffered the consequences. APE had all the flight cancellations.

    Okay. My original flight was Manila-Ormoc. Ormoc-Manila. One week before the travel date, I checked the flight status. And I noticed that they do not flights at all on Oct 30. Nevertheless, with the help of my travel agent friend, my flight was confirmed – still the same itinerary.

    A night before Oct 30, my travel date, APE called me. Saying that Manila-Ormoc is cancelled. And they offered me a Manila-Cebu-Tacloban instead. I said ok – no choice.

    Come Oct 30, today, I noticed a long line for Cebu counter, only to learn that the Cebu flights were canceled. Then I was included to these people who are waiting for APE’s corrective action. I waited and waited and waited.

    A lot of flights were being canceled also. There was Iloilo, then CDO, then Tagbilaran, then Legaspi. Most were transferred to PAL flights, some were transferred to CEB flights, and a big group was put on a hotel because their flight was scheduled in the afternoon or evening.

    I was able to witness 3 passengers erupting with anger, shouting and cursing.

    Most people were at lost on what to do. Some who queued of getting a refund was being referred back to this stand by counter.

    I realized that in cases like this (don’t know if it applies generally), once the check-in counter declared canceled flight, your ticket must be notified by the counter supervisor that it is really canceled and for full refund, only then you can go to the ticketing counter at the airport.

    I was also a victim of their poor system. Because I can see that my case is hopeless and was not being attended, I decided to refund my ticket. (I know that if the declare cancellation, I can get a full refund). But my ticket was with the counter supervisor. I saw piles of paper ticket in their table. And so I went to the Ticketing Counter, I queued the long line, only to find out that I have to go back with the Counter Supervisor so that they can notify my paper. And after aggressively getting the supervisor’s attention, my paper ticket was notified. Then the long line again in the Ticketing Counter. Then finally a refund.

    Well I saw that many flights were being canceled. If they will try to move or repair my flight, there is a big likelihood that the new flight might be delayed of get canceled too. As much as I want to get to Padre Burgos, with this hopelessness, I decided to cancel it.

    Oh well. I will have my chance again with Padre Burgos, I know. 🙂

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