Aerial View Of Dampalitan & Borawan Islands

I was on my way to Legaspi, in an airplane, when I saw this view. I know the Pagbilao Grande Island with the Mirant Power Station on it, I saw it. I also saw some sandbars nearby. But what struck me most was after passing by that island I saw a beach area. I know that place is a good place to visit, and it is nearby Manila. And this is the shot I took.

Upon research in the internet, the beach turned out to be Dampalitan Island. Well, it does not look like an island, but they call it an island. Along with the name Dampalitan also follows Borawan. And it turned out that Borawan is the island between Dampalitan and Pagbilao Grande. And I do saw some beach spots there at Borawan, but Dampalitan strucks me most.

I just thought that this place could be visited easily by land. Well, that’s another potential weekend getaway.


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