Dipolog Dapitan Dakak

This is one of my latest solo travel last September 2009. The picture above was taken at Dakak Beach Resort.

I arrived Dipolog Airport in the morning. I looked around the airport premises first before really going out of the airport building. There was a Tourism Desk at the Airport. I chatted with the Tourism Officer there. She was helpful enough. I noticed that they only offer Dipolog tourism. Dapitan is just side-noted. After my chat with the Tourism Officer, a Security Guard offered me a ride, because he overheard me saying ” I am looking for a cheap way around”.

And that was the start of the adventure.

We went to the following areas:
– Dakak Beach Resort
– Rizal’s Shrine at Dapitan
– Sunset Boulevard at Dapitan
– Around Dapitan City
– Dipolog City (looking for a lodging with a WiFi)
– Boulevard at Dipolog City

And that was done through a motorcycle back-ride only! =)

And by walking around, I was able to explore Dipolog City more. I bought and ate too much Marang fruit to my delight! haha!

Another cheap solo travel by yours truly!


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