Coron Batch 13 – June 14-15, 2008

This was a Coron-Malcapuya-Lusong Trip.

As we approached Coron town, I was spotting this island. Perhaps one day, I will explore that part.

This was something new for me. I only had 2 joiners with me at the Superferry. I used to have more than 5 joiners. That’s why in those times, I have to hop to every group. Remember that they are strangers with others, that’s why I have to collate them together. This time I only have 2 joiners aboard Superferry because most of my are joiner were in Coron already – they took the plane. It was quite disconcerting for me. I missed that big group. I liked doing that. I realized that maybe this thing I am doing with DIY Coron is really in my blood.

Among the spots in Coron Island Loop, I just documented the underwater of Siete Pecados.

I was really lazy that time. I felt that I am through with this organizing thing. I didn’t take much pictures this time. In this trip, I was more relaxed. I did not go with the joiners at Kayangan Lake. I just stayed at boat when we were at CYC Island. I was so lazy about this organizing that I just didn’t move much.

Then before the day ended, we were at Malcapuya Island. We stayed overnight here.

The island have one big house with 2 rooms with own toilet. The house is located somewhat in the middle of the island.

The island also have 3 open cottages. This was where most of us slept.

Some even slept on the beach!

Here are some facilities of the island.

Outside toilet – but you have to carry your pail of water here.

The cooking area.

The deepwell manual pump (there’s also a motor pump) and the makeshift change room beside it.

The large shaded area, maybe for big gatherings.

The place where we ate dinner and breakfast.

And others…

And the beach ofcourse… snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing…

After Malcapuya Island, we went to Lusong Coral Garden. It is really a garden of colorful corals here.

After Coral Garden, we went to my favorite Lusong Wreck. The sea was calm that time. And it was perfect for photo shoot… underwater.

After this we went to Gunboat Wreck. The sea was also calm, so me and Lester immediately jumped to the waters. Only to find out that there was lots of small jelly fish in that area. It doesn’t feel itchy at first, but when I was returning back it started to itch on my hands. Good thing I was in my jogging pants and long sleeves, hehe – I was protected somehow.

Returning to Seadive again for shower, I encountered again the never-ending chaotic way there. My reservation and my joiner’s reservation were displaced by a group of Filipino divers who will leave at 9pm that Sunday (for Superferry ride). This is now a sample of what I am saying in my announcement in my site – that Seadive prioritizes Divers and Foreigners. Apparently, our reservations were overruled by the owner. I can see that the Pinoy Manager Raffy was doing his best to balance the needs of his guests – diver or non diver, pinoy or foreigner. Oh well, that’s Seadive.

My realizations or insights about this trip:

  • I missed the big group at Superferry.
  • Perhaps DIY Coron organizing is really in my blood.
  • Talking or sharing experience with fellow certified traveler (see my definition at Travel People post) is really an enjoyable experience for me.
  • I am still enjoying the Coron place even though I visited a spot over and over again.
  • In one incident, Melynn and Irene told me that the tricycle driver (they rode to maquinit hotspring) knows about me. They said, Owen you’re famous here in Coron!
  • The new people or new contacts I met in Coron just unfolded in front of me.
  • Oh well, I guess… Coron has chosen… to adopt me

Enjoy more Lusong Wreck Pictures!



  1. owen,

    love all the underwater shots – really… siete pecados, lusong garden & wreck is truly wonderful – unforgettable for me… thanks again (and again) for bringing us to calamianes… 🙂

  2. Dear Owen,
    I truly admire your travel xperiences. We are a family of 4 adult and 1 child age 5 and we love to go to beaches and explore the phils. wish you could help me plan our next trip to coron palawan by last wk of Feb or 1st wk of march nxt year.
    kindly give me tips on how we can best enjoy our stay for a budgeted trip to include accomodations and tour packages as I believe you are a frequenters of coron.
    Thanks and more power!

  3. Love all the pics – I wont need to be pressured to keep taking pics! Thanks for all the sharing effort! Keep them coming.

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