Coron Batch 9 – June 7-8, 2008

This is the biggest group I ever handled! That’s why I called June 7-8 my Big Day.

These were the batch 9 people aboard Superferry from Manila to Coron. Some of the batch 9 people were already at Coron, waiting for this group to arrive in Coron. Riding a Superferry also adds fun and bonding moment for soon-to-be friends. They were stranger first to each other, and after the DIY Coron trip they became friends.

One of stop was at Siete Pecados Marine Sanctuary. Here are some underwater shots.

Here are some of the batch 9 people while in CYC Island.

We had our overnight at Banana Island. Below are my highlights of Banana Island.

The tent accommodation.

There were 3 closed cottages. Cottage 1 has 2 rooms, Cottages 2 & 3 has both single rooms.

There were 3 open cottages. This one is where I slept overnight.

The owner of the island slept here.

Some of the joiners slept here.

The blown up tent (due to sudden rain and wind) slept here in this makeshift kitchen area.

Surrounding the island are these spots.

Best to wake up in the morning in the beach side of an island.

The sand bar immersed in water.

Relaxing on a hammock.

The shadows in the island.

The whole batch 9 people before leaving banana island.

We left banana island for Culion Town.

The approach to Culion town.

Welcome to Culion Town!

Onward to the Culion Museum.

This is the museum. I decided to take pictures from the outside to see if there will be ghosts captured in my shots. Inside the museum, I felt strong presence of spirits there. It was so strong that i want to get out of the museum as soon as possible.

Then just beside the museum is the Church and the Fort.

After Culion, we went to Lusong Coral Garden.

I was able to capture this strange sea slug.

And here’s the Lusong Coral Garden.

And here’s the Lusong Wreck.

All in all, I had lots of fun in this batch 9 people. One of my favorite batch among the many batches I have.

Now I am thinking:

  • Will I still continue what I have been doing?
  • Is this really in my blood, to organize group trips?
  • Why I have been feeling lazy arranging trips for coron?
  • Why I have these ambivalent feelings?

Oh well… one thing is for sure… this thing that I have been doing since January 2008 have turned strangers into friends… provided jobs to the local people of Coron… provided cheap tours to the Filipino people… and has made traveling fun and easy… and that’s because of my DIY Coron! Until Then.



  1. Finally! Been waiting for your post to see how things went. Seems like you guys had fun. =)

    Miss ko na Lusong Wreck and Siete Picados!! =(

  2. being one of the people in corob batch 9 is a blessing for me..besides coming back to the paradise islands of coron, i have new sets of friends, enjoyed free diving with was a rainy and windy night during our Banana Island stay. Nakakatawa lang, kahit na halos parang bumagyo eh andun pa rin kami nila lhanz at rich sa tent. managed to cheked us out..di bale, more trips to come..and more islands to explore..yaan mo kuya owen, we will expand that from coron to el nido and soon, tatay Palawan.:)

    take care po and see you to any of our future trips with Coron batch 9.:)

  3. “This is the museum. I decided to take pictures from the outside to see if there will be ghosts captured in my shots. Inside the museum, I felt strong presence of spirits there. It was so strong that i want to get out of the museum as soon as possible.”

    haha..parang kasama mo lang ako dun sa museum ah. pareho tayong may nararamdaman lalo na ung may area ng mga kagamitan at ung crib ng mga sineparate na mga bata sa mga nanay nilang leprosy.tsk.:D

  4. buti na lang di nyo po cnabi na may nararamdaman kayo
    kahit di ko naramdaman un
    mauuna pa kong lumabas senyo kung nalaman ko lang po ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. may naramdaman ka sa museum? it used to be a hospital kaya lots of people died there, pero ako walang naramdaman, and i think Kel & I were one of the last to leave! hala… enjoy ako looking at the memorabilia… the collection was very rich ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. “Why I have been feeling lazy arranging trips for coron? ”

    baka na burn out ka lang, kuya owen. good thing naman na sa cdo-camiguin, kaw na yung joiner. relax lang. =)

    super thanks sa diy trip mo… memorable talaga yung trip sa amin ni hope.=)

  7. hi io, i have some answers of that in my Coron Batch 13 June 14-15 Trip… will post it soon…

    about sa CDO-Camiguin Trip natin, gumawa ako ng forum natin… i don’t know kung may nagawa na kayo… kung wala pa naman ito na lang gamitin natin… para documented…

    Punta kayo dito – CDO-Camiguin Trip

  8. hi owen,

    you should continue organizing trips because you enjoyed and felt happy doing it, right? it’s about passion, owen – not blood… ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. hmmm when you truly love what you’re doing you’ll be passionate about it and you’ll be good at it

    I think naman ang galing galing mo sa diycoron so mukhang mahal mo pa sya
    baka kailangan mo lang variety so I think good po ung diy samal mo

    or why not try a “diy philippines”, a “diy travel philippines”, a “diy travel filipino” hehe just thinking of titles

    pero dami mo na po napuntahan feeling ko kayang kaya mo un
    parang sa norte ka na nga lang di pa nakakapagtravel

  10. Hello classmate!!! Pag uwi ko for vacation on 2011 punta kami jan ha??? My husband would love nature, and he would surely 100% would love to see Coron…

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