Donsol Again – May 3-4, 2008

I will try a different approach on my story telling. I will try to do a photo blog.

MAY 3, 2008

The Philtranco bus was supposed to leave at 5pm, but it left the Pasay terminal at 9pm. Apparently, this bus picked up passengers from Cubao terminal. Now looking at this signpost makes me wonder if what they say is true.

And in support of that signpost is this picture. Ironic? Or this is just reality? Most of the passengers seems to be used to waiting. We arrived Donsol at around 10am. We were delayed with our planned activity. So we had to make adjustments. It was at this point I really appreciated the comfort of riding Superferry for 12 hours versus riding a bus for 12 hours. And if you have time deadline to beat, don’t take the bus, take the airplane.

Before heading to Donsol, the bus stopped at Pilar first. I was really curious to see how Pilar port looks like. And here it is. You can see the Ferry, the pier, the people, and the public van. Behind me was the bus terminal.

The before and after of the lunch at Amor Farm Beach Resort.

This is the approach to San Miguel Island at Ticao Island, Masbate. Well, this is San Miguel Island. This is a 1-hour travel by boat, under normal sea condition.

From above, the water looks very clear. You can already see the corals. But under the water…

The corals are quite a beauty. But the strangest thing I noticed here is the lack of fishes.

All I saw there was some baby jellyfish…

And small fishes (dilis?)…

Then we headed to the Catadanyagan Falls…

It was also a 1 hour ride at normal sea condition.

Along the way, we passed Borobangcaso Island. A good place for picnic and beach combing.

Then, Catandayagan Falls…

It was indeed an awesome view.

The Joiners were too happy to see it.

Heading back to Donsol…

Mayon and sunset were the view back to Donsol, which was a 2 hour ride. After arriving Donsol, they continued to proceed for the Firefly tour.


MAY 4, 2008

The Whaleshark Chase

It was this view first…

Then this… Where is it?

All of a sudden, it’s here!

Ahh, so near that I can touch it… but I didn’t.

After that it was gone… I tried to follow it….

Funny thing here is that… I supposed to video it. But I forgot to set it video. Luckily, I pressed it many times, because I noticed my camera was on low battery. *Sigh*

Most of the group overnighted at Legaspi City to take tour of Mayon Volcano.

Here are some of the Joiners of the group before riding the airplane…

Nutshell Insights:

  • San Miguel Island snorkeling is just ok. Because there is not so much fish, I wouldn’t recommend it for snorkeling. As a stopover point, it is ok.
  • Borobangcaso Island and Catandayagan Falls are recommended must see place. Consider the travel time of 2 hours here.
  • Firefly tour is always recommended for first timers.
  • The Donsol Whaleshark Chase is really recommended if you happen to see at least one upfront. For me, the main key here is the spotter. Then the guide aka Bioman. And the skies must be sunny.
  • Comparing Coron with Ticao, I would definitely go for Coron. 🙂
  • Mayon would always be a majestic view to see.
  • Next year, I will try to organize a DIY Donsol again!


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