Coron – North Cay Island Trip – March 29-30, 2008

I called this batch special batch 1. It was a special batch because this was my first time to organize a slightly relaxed trip. I also called this batch 5, just to track my total number of batch that I organized. Batch 3 & 4 haven’t happened yet, but the plan is all set to go.

This itinerary of this batch was based on the first joiner’s (Mutya’s) preference. The itinerary was created based on their travel objectives. The other joiners, Gisela and Rachel’s group, just went along the itinerary. However, the first joiners – Mutya and bf – decided to make a separate tour for themselves. And I learned this Friday – few hours before my Superferry departure. The reason was: they don’t want to be waited and be fetched when they arrive late morning in Coron.

Gisela was already at Coron on a Friday. We, with the 6 joiners, arrived Coron at 6am. Some of the joiners climbed Mt. Tapyas while others went with me to buy food in the market. At around 8am, I fetched Gisela and the other 6 joiners, and started our boat tour.

img_0657.jpg img_0659.jpg

We did the usual Coron Island tour – Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, and CYC Island. Unfortunately for us, the tide was high. And we cannot swim in the hole at Twin Lagoon. So we bypassed Twin Lagoon.

img_0665.jpg img_0670.jpg img_0702.jpg

After this, we went to Lusong Wreck. One thing I noticed with the weather – it was very humid. That is the reason why, the Superferry trip was smooth. There was almost no waves. So at Lusong Wreck, there was no waves and no current – very unsual for this location. And with this, I was able to capture very good underwater shots! Let this be the envy of those who went to Coron but didn’t see Lusong Wreck. It was also my first time to video the big jellyfish – too bad I forgot to take still pictures. Anyway, there’s always a next time!

img_0729.jpg img_0730.jpg img_0731.jpg img_0733.jpg img_0734.jpg img_0735.jpg img_0736.jpg pdvd_035.png pdvd_034.png pdvd_033.png pdvd_031.png

After this, we went straight to North Cay Island. There was really nothing much to do there but to cook (for me), relax, eat, and take pictures of the sunset. The lodging here is much better comparing with Dibutonay Island. This island have mattress, bed sheet, pillow and blanket – complete and clean.

img_0938.jpg img_0935.jpg img_0933.jpg img_0931.jpg img_0929.jpg img_0927.jpg img_0925.jpg img_0926.jpg img_0924.jpg img_0923.jpg img_0752.jpg img_0751.jpg

Because the weather was very humid, it was hot in the house. At around 3am I woke up, and decided to take a stroll outside the house. The moon was up and I can see the beach. I decided to bring out my pillow and blanket, to take a nap in the bench, and will wait for the sunrise.

img_0763.jpg img_0766.jpg img_0771.jpg img_0773.jpg

During the daytime, I went around the island. We have the island for ourselves – it was just like our own private island! I did some photo shoot. And I did some snorkeling and some underwater pictures. Food was aplenty! Ahh, it was indeed a relaxing trip for me.

img_0814.jpg img_0820.jpg img_0821.jpg img_0828.jpg img_0839.jpg img_0840.jpg img_0841.jpg img_0889.jpg img_0893.jpg img_0896.jpg img_0898.jpg img_0899.jpg img_0900.jpg img_0902.jpg

At around 12noon, we decided to go back to Coron town, so that the joiner would have more daytime exploring the town. At around 3pm, we were at Coron town, and checked-in at Seadive Resort.

This is also my first time to encounter such joiners. I guess they were not properly informed about the do-it-yourself style of a trip. They were some last minute pull by friend of a friend of the joiner. It was such like that because I feel they were expecting a typical luxurious package tour. At P2500/pax, this would never be a luxury trip. Relaxed yes, but luxurious no.

And I also learned from them, not to give recommendation easily. My recommendation to a good place may turn sour if not considering the personality of the joiner. It may end up offending my recommended store if my joiner is brought there. This prompt me now to check the personality of the joiners and apply necessary adjustments. And that is why now, I am putting up some articles about what to expect in my DIY Tour. There would always be new learning.

I liked this trip… the highlight was the stay at North Cay Island and the photo shot Lusong Wreck… and the special surprises… haha. Now I know how a relaxing trip feels like.


Until Next Batch!



  1. Hi Owen,

    Regarding the overnight stay at North Cay island. How much is it for a group of 5? and do we need to bring cooking utensils? Charcoal perhaps? Thanks

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