Donsol – Feb 23-25, 2008

I have bought the RT air ticket for Legaspi sometime in October 2007 at P1916 only. That’s why I didn’t want to cancel my trip even though Albay is in state of calamity.

So off I went to Legaspi, along with the other one who didn’t backed out.

From the airport, you have to ride a tricycle to the Van Terminal (P50 per tricycle). Then from there, you ride a van to Donsol (P60 per head). The trip will take about 1.5 hours. Along the way, we saw the traces of the floods. Lucky us, that the flood had subsided, and we can pass that road.

At Donsol town…

Then, we just payed an additional P20 for the van to proceed to the dancalan beach area.

Here are the landmark that you will pass after the bridge to dancalan:

Lola Erna’s Guesthouse
IMG_9522 lola ernas

Casa Bianca

Then there is the Marine Biological Center.
IMG_9437 marine biology center

Then just beside this is the Amor Farm Beach Resort. Between Casa Bianca and Amor Farm, you can find few stores and a bakery.

Then after this is the Shoreline Resto and Gennevie Resto.
IMG_9457 donsol town to dancalan IMG_9458 donsol town to dancalan

Then after this is the Donsol Tourist Center.
IMG_9460 donsol tourist center

Just beside the tourist center is Vitton Beach Resort. By the way, the cemented road ends at the Donsol Tourist Center.
IMG_9511 vitton beach resort

Then, there is the Barracuda Resto. Then, Woodland Resort. [no picture]

Upon arrival at Amor Farm, we started our night with a firely tour (P1100 per boat, max tourist capacity is 5 pax).

In the morning after, we registered in the Whaleshark Interaction (P3500/boat/7pax max + P100/pinoypax). In the advertisement, you will see the slogan “Swim with the Butanding or Whaleshark”. But what happened there was a Whaleshark Chase. Yes a chase! It was like a desperate move just to be able to see the whaleshark. The weather was cloudy and sometime it rains. That’s why it was difficult to spot these whalesharks. It was also the reason why my camera didn’t captured it, although my eyes saw it – because of lack of sunlight! By the way, some people there didn’t saw the whaleshark (i really pity them).

Tips: Be prepared to jump off the boat – yes jump. With your fins and snorkel gear and life vest ready, you jump from the boat. Unlike in snorkeling, you go down the stairs slowly to snorkel. But here, you will jump. So be prepared to sink once you jump, but don’t worry you will float right away because you have your life vest on. Another thing is to stretch your muscle first. You wouldn’t realize that you will be swimming hard just to keep pace with the whaleshark until you are already in the waters.

Since the whaleshark was not captured by my camera in that area, this whaleshark was captured in Amor Farm Beach Resort….
IMG_9516 butanding

After this tours, it was time for relaxing and eating… at Amor Farm Beach Resort (AC Rooms at P1500, Fan Rooms at P800, Extra bed at P150, and there is now a tent for rent at P500)
IMG_9518 kinunot

Then it was time to go… When returning from Donsol to Legaspi, I noticed that the van passes at the Legaspi airport. Just tell the driver that you will drop at Legaspi Airport.

And as a last shot, here is Lignon hill and my Legaspi Take Off video…



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