Dumaguete – 12/02/07

Pasalubong Buying at the Public Market. Torta = P10, Puso = P5, Budbod plain = P10, Budbod sa Kabog = P14, Cassava Cake = P10, Banana Cake = P10.
img_5741 img_5742 img_5743 img_5744 img_5745 img_5746

Breakfast at Harold’s – Toasted Bread, Jam, and Coffee – Free! [no pix]

Top View from Harold’s Mansion
img_5747 img_5749 img_5750 img_5751 img_5752 img_5753

The Twin Lakes Tour – Using my rented motorbike!

The Seaside Road at Sibulan
img_5754 img_5755 img_5756 img_5757 img_5758 img_5759 img_5760 img_5761 img_5762 img_5763 img_5764 img_5765

The Entrance Road to Twin Lakes
img_5766 img_5767 img_5768 img_5769 img_5770 img_5771

The Scenery Upon Going to Twin Lakes
img_5772 img_5773 img_5774 img_5775 img_5776 img_5777 img_5778 img_5779 img_5780 img_5781 img_5782 img_5783  img_5785 img_5786 img_5787 img_5788 img_5789 img_5791 img_5792 img_5793 img_5794 img_5795

The Entrance Gate of Twin Lakes
img_5796 img_5797 img_5798 img_5799 img_5800 img_5801 img_5802

The Last Leg Road to Twin lakes Proper
img_5803 img_5804 img_5806 img_5807 img_5808 img_5809 img_5810 img_5811

The Lake Balinsasayao
img_5812 img_5816 img_5817 img_5818 img_5819 img_5820 img_5821 img_5822 img_5823 img_5824 img_5828 img_5829 img_5830 img_5831 img_5832 img_5833 img_5834 img_5835 img_5836 img_5837 img_5838 img_5839 img_5840 img_5841 img_5842 img_5843 img_5844 img_5845 img_5846 img_5847 img_5848 img_5849

It took me 2 hours to get here by motorcycle

And it took me only 1 hour to go back Dumaguete City

Lunch at Foodnet Dumaguete City P64

Rizal Boulevard at Day
img_5856 img_5857 img_5858 img_5859 img_5860 img_5861 img_5862 img_5863 img_5864 img_5865 img_5866 img_5867 img_5868 img_5869 img_5870 img_5871 img_5872 img_5873 img_5874 img_5875 img_5876 img_5877 img_5878 img_5879 img_5880 img_5881 img_5882 img_5883 img_5884 img_5885 img_5886 img_5887 img_5888 img_5889 img_5890 img_5891

I saw again the Pinoy Solo Traveler like me
img_5892 img_5893

Sans Rival Restaurant – Since it was a Sunday, this shop closed at 2pm. Actually most of the establishment in the city is closed, except those in the boulevard strip.
img_5894 img_5895 img_5896

After here, I returned my rented motorbike. I think I covered more than 200 km. There was still gasoline when I returned it. My gasoline expense was P230. The route I covered: Dumaguete City – El Dorado Beach Resort (EDBR) – Dauin Town – Malatapay Market – EDBR – Kookoos Nest – Antulang Beach Resort – Tambobo Junction – Dumaguete City – Around Dumaguete City – Twin Lakes Sibulan – Dumaguete City.

Sumilon Island View from the Plane
img_5900 img_5901 img_5902

The End


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