Dumaguete – 12/01/07

Morning at Kookoos Nest Beach Resort. 

My Ever Reliable Water Heater

In a place like Kookoos Nest, where it is very tranquil, I need some sounds to keep me oriented. That’s where my handy battery-operated AM/FM radio comes very handy. [No pix]

The Common Toilet Door at Kookoos Nest! There’s no one around really. So who cares, if someone see my naked body! 🙂

Breakfast in my room at Kookoos Nest
img_4849 img_4850

Morning Snorkeling at Kookoos Nest Beach – It was here I saw a seasnake for the first time. I was snorkeling on a very shallow and stony water, when I suddenly spotted a seasnake. I thought it was just a small long fish. Upon realizing it was a seasnake, I stood up and tried to run. But it was hard to run in the waters, so I dove back down to the waters. And that’s when I hit the stones – ouch! I forgot that I am in the shallow waters, hehe. Good thing there was only one local boatman around. I think he did not saw my crazy act, haha! I tried to track the striped seasnake the second time, and I was able to see it. I was not able to get a good picture because I was scared to go near it. 🙂
img_4861 img_4862 img_4867 img_4868 img_4873 img_4878 img_4880 img_4884 img_4886 img_4890 img_4894 img_4902 img_4904 img_4910 img_4912 img_4918 img_4921 img_4925 img_4929 img_4943 img_5357 img_5363 img_5397 img_5403

Going to Antulang Beach Resort
img_5578 img_5579 img_5580

Sightseeing at Antulang Beach Resort – P200, consumable

The Entrance Gate

The Standard Cabana (good for 2) P900
img_5582 img_5583 img_5584

The Deluxe Cabana (good for 3) P1,250
img_5667 img_5668 img_5669

The Presidential Suite P4,350
img_5588 img_5589 img_5590 img_5591 img_5592 img_5593 img_5594 img_5595 img_5596 img_5597 img_5598 img_5599img_5600 img_5601 img_5602 img_5603

The Executive Suite P5,140
img_5622 img_5623 img_5624

The Beach Side
img_5604 img_5605 img_5606 img_5608 img_5609 img_5610 img_5611 img_5612 img_5613 img_5614 img_5615 img_5616 img_5617 img_5618 img_5619 img_5620 img_5621

The Infinity Pool Area
img_5625 img_5626 img_5627 img_5628 img_5629 img_5630 img_5631 img_5632 img_5634 img_5635 img_5636 img_5637 img_5638 img_5639 img_5658 img_5661 img_5662 img_5663

The Pool Villa P12,500
img_5640 img_5641 img_5642img_5643 img_5644 img_5645 img_5646 img_5647 img_5648 img_5649 img_5651 img_5652 img_5653

Dive Sites of Antulang Peninsula

The Reception Office

The Videoke Bar

The Dining Hall
img_5656 img_5664

The P200 Lomi – My lunch!

The Realization: Antulang Beach Resort has a fabulous sea cliff view, but I think I can get to see this without paying a high price. Antulang Beach Resort is a typical luxury resort uniquely placed in a sea cliff of Antulang Peninsula. There are other better luxury resorts in Greater Manila Area. That’s my catch!

Tambobo Bay and Antulang Peninsula Road Trip
img_5673 img_5674 img_5675 img_5676 img_5677 img_5678 img_5679 img_5680 img_5681 img_5682 img_5683 img_5684 img_5685 img_5686 img_5687 img_5688

The Way to Tambobo Town – I wanted to visit this town. Before the trip, I was imagining a paved road – but I was wrong. I didn’t pursue of going there when I saw the rough road. Maybe some other time. I think the Tambobo town is a better alternative beach place around the area. The access to a town means cheap food and lodging. The Kookoos Nest beach can be swam easily I think – that near!. But if you take a simple small boat, the cheapest fare would be P20 only!
img_5689 img_5690 img_5691 img_5692

Going back to Dumaguete City I stopped over Dauin Beach
img_5693 img_5694

At Dumaguete City

Sans Rival snack P50

Harold’s Mansion Dorm Room P275 – Lucky me! I was alone in the room. Take note: It has fan and aircon unit.
img_5696 img_5697 img_5698 img_5699

Harold’s Mansion and surroundings
img_5700 img_5701 img_5702 img_5703 img_5704 img_5705 img_5706

Dinner at St. Theresa’s P50 [no pix]

Rizal Boulevard At Night
img_5709 img_5710 img_5711 img_5712 img_5716 img_5717 img_5718 img_5728 img_5729 img_5730 img_5731 img_5732 img_5733

The Tempurahan Strip At night
img_5713 img_5714 img_5715

The Tempura P4/pc

I met a Pinoy Solo Traveler – A VT Member!
img_5724 img_5725 img_5726 img_5727 img_5734 img_5735

The Nurses Station at Bethel Hotel?

Top View from Bethel Hotel at night
img_5737 img_5738 img_5739

One of the Parking Boys in Dumaguete City

Overnight at Harold’s Mansion [no pix]



  1. hi! is it really P275 at harold’s mansion? wow! i’m planning to go to dumaguete alone. do you think it’s a safe place for a solo woman traveler? thanks!

  2. hey Kei Tan…

    Where you able to visit Dumaguete already? How was it?

    I’m planning to go there this Mid/Late-June.

    I’m also traveling alone..

  3. I also plan to travel alone in dumaguete. i am also wondering if it’s safe for a woman to travel the place alone. how much was your total trip cost?

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