Dumaguete – 11/30/07

Free Breakfast at El Dorado Resort [No pix]

Start of Apo Island Tour P460 c/o Dive Soceity

The Dive Boat – very big!
img_3632 img_3633 img_3634 img_3635 img_3636 img_3637 img_3638 img_3639 img_3640 img_3641 img_3642 img_3643 img_3644 img_3645 img_3646 img_3647 img_3648 img_3649 img_3650 img_3651 img_3668 img_3669

My Snorkeling Things

Map of First Stop – Apo Island Chapel

The Approach to Apo Island
img_3654 img_3655 img_3656 img_3657 img_3658 img_3659 img_3660 img_3661 img_3662 img_3663 img_3664 img_3665 img_3666 img_3667 img_3670 img_3671 img_3672 img_3673 img_3674 img_3675 img_3676 img_3677 img_3678 img_3679 img_3680

View of Apo Island Resort
img_3681 img_3682 img_3683 img_3687

The First Site – Apo Island Chapel
img_3684 img_3685 img_3686 img_3688 img_3689 img_3690 img_3991 img_3992 img_3993

Underwater – Apo Island Chapel
img_3785 img_3791 img_3797 img_3803 img_3809 img_3815 img_3821 img_3827 img_3833 img_3839 img_3845 img_3851 img_3857 img_3863 img_3869 img_3875 img_3881 img_3887 img_3893 img_3900 img_3906 img_3912 img_3918 img_3924 img_3930 img_3938 img_3944 img_3950 img_3956 img_3962 img_3968 img_3974

Approach to Apo Island Town
img_3994 img_3995 img_3996 img_3997 img_3998 img_3999 img_4000 img_4004 img_4005 img_4006 img_4007 img_4008

Locals selling souvenirs

At Apo Island Shore
img_4010 img_4011 img_4015 img_4016 img_4017 img_4018 img_4026 img_4030 img_4035 img_4050 img_4056 img_4058 img_4061 img_4066 img_4071 img_4074 img_4080 img_4084 img_4086 img_4094

A Solo Korean Traveller just like me!
img_4012 img_4013

Hermit the Crab at Apo Island
img_4019 img_4020 img_4021 img_4022 img_4023

Kids action diving at Apo Island
img_4110 img_4116 img_4117 img_4125 img_4146 img_4149 img_4150 img_4151 img_4166 img_4169 img_4170

Approach to the Second Site – Apo Island Cogon
img_4174 img_4175 img_4176 img_4177 img_4178 img_4179 img_4180 img_4181 img_4182 img_4183 img_4184 img_4185 img_4186 img_4187 img_4188 img_4189 img_4190 img_4191 img_4192 img_4193 img_4194 img_4195

Underwater – Apo Island Cogon
img_4196 img_4197 img_4202 img_4208 img_4214 img_4220 img_4226 img_4232 img_4238 img_4246 img_4252 img_4258 img_4264 img_4270 img_4276 img_4282 img_4288 img_4294 img_4300 img_4306 img_4312 img_4318 img_4324 img_4330 img_4336 img_4342

End of Apo Island Tour – The P460 is worth it!

Lunch at Big Mak at Dauin Town P50, with my motorcycle
img_4632 img_4633 img_4634

Check-in at Kookoos Nest Resort

Arrival at Kookoos Nest Entrance
img_4635 img_4636 img_4637 img_4638 img_4639 img_4640

The descent to Kookoos Nest Resort
img_4641 img_4642 img_4643 img_4644 img_4645 img_4646 img_4647 img_4648

At Kookoos Nest Resort
img_4649 img_4650 img_4651 img_4652 img_4653

Sunbathing at Kookoos Nest

The Menu at Kookoos Nest
img_4655 img_4656 img_4657 img_4658 img_4659 img_4660 img_4661

The very tranquil place of Kookoos Nest
img_4662 img_4663 img_4664 img_4665 img_4666 img_4667 img_4668 img_4669 img_4670 img_4671 img_4672 img_4673 img_4674

My Lodging at Kookoos Nest P450
img_4681 img_4682 img_4683 img_4684 img_4685 img_4686 img_4848 img_5573 img_5574 img_5575 img_5576 img_5577

Afternoon Snorkeling at Kookoos Nest Beach – Free!
img_4687 img_4688 img_4693 img_4694 img_4700 img_4701 img_4706 img_4707 img_4712 img_4713 img_4718 img_4719 img_4724 img_4725 img_4730 img_4733 img_4736 img_4739 img_4742 img_4745 img_4748 img_4751 img_4754 img_4757 img_4760 img_4767

Sunset Shots at Kookoos Nest Resort Antulang
img_4768 img_4769 img_4770 img_4771 img_4772 img_4773 img_4774 img_4775 img_4776 img_4777 img_4778 img_4779 img_4780 img_4781 img_4782 img_4783 img_4784 img_4785 img_4786 img_4787 img_4788 img_4814 img_4815 img_4819 img_4820 img_4821 img_4822 img_4831 img_4832 img_4833 img_4834 img_4835 img_4836 img_4837 img_4838 img_4839 img_4840 img_4841 img_4842 img_4843 img_4844 img_4845

Black Starfishes at Kookoos Nest Resort Antulang
img_4789 img_4790 img_4791 img_4792 img_4793 img_4794 img_4795 img_4796 img_4797 img_4798 img_4799 img_4800 img_4801

The surrounding area – Tambobo Bay
img_4802 img_4803 img_4804 img_4805 img_4806 img_4807 img_4808 img_4809 img_4810 img_4811 img_4812 img_4813 img_4816 img_4817 img_4818

Dinner at Kookoos Nest Resto – P120 [no pix]

Overnight at Kookoos Nest Resort



  1. hi. im planning to go to apo island too. could you please give me the contact number of dive society? will be travelling there alone this holy week and im quite apprehensive if there will boats travelling during those dates.

    thanks a lot,

  2. i’m sorry but i didn’t get their number. it just so happen that i stayed at el dorado resort that i was able to join the dive boat there. try contacting el dorado resort. they have a website.

  3. Hi po!

    Ask ko lang kung ano included dun sa Apo Island Tour P460 c/o Dive Society? Kung me rental nabang kasama dun sa gamet pang-dive or snorkel? Or etc?

    Nde ko pa kasi natatry mag-Apo island Tour to think sa Bangcolutan lang ung province namen, i think 5-10 mins drive from Bangcolutan to Malatapay. Thanks po.. =)

  4. btw, my bf and i we’re planning to go to Coron Palawan this coming January. Nakuha ko na lahat ng info para sa DIY Coron from your very helpful site. And baka kumuha kame nung tour packages mo.. I’ll let you know nalang po

    thanks so much =)

  5. selosa, boat lang yun, wala pang gamit… nagkataon kasi na sa el dorado ako naka-lodge kaya naka-avail ako sa dive soceity ng boat trip.

    yung motorbike rental, sa dumaguete city mismo, madami.

    sa nov 29 to dec 1, punta uli ako at may mga kasama na ako, para sa isang DIY Dumaguete naman…. you may want to join us… the more, the cheaper! and more fun!

    until then.

  6. hi owen..

    im planning to have a DIY Dumaguete for next year, together my son ZEUS and hubby Edward March to be exact.

    Im planning to have a Land tour and Apo Island tour din..

    kaso i dont have any ideas pa…could you please help me…



    • hi rhona,

      the cheapest way around would be by renting motorbikes. although you have to be careful driving it. another cheap way around is to rent multicab.

      the boat to apo island have a public boat but it usually leaves in the morning or it’s a very irregular schedule. therefore, you are forced to rent your boat there.

      send me an email at diycoron@yahoo.com and will try my best to answer your questions.

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