Dumaguete – 11/29/07

I was able to insert a 1 day work here in Dumaguete. It was both beneficial to me and my company I am working.

I came to Dumaguete City by Cebu Pacific Air availing the P1 Promo Fare. I think I just paid around P2200 only – round trip!. I bought the ticket sometime in May 2007. 

Lunch at Gina’s Kabayo-an – P50
img_3531 img_3533

After having lunch, I rented a 100cc motorcycle for 3 days. I got it for P200/day! 

Check-in El Dorado Resort – Standard Room P1,350
img_3536 img_3537 img_3538 img_3539 img_3540 img_3541 img_3542 img_3543 img_3544 img_3545 img_3546 img_3547 img_3548 img_3549 img_3550 img_3551 img_3552 img_3553 img_3554 img_3555 img_3557 img_3558

See Malatapay Market Pier Area
img_3559 img_3560 img_3561 img_3562 img_3563 img_3564 img_3565 img_3566 img_3568 img_3569 img_3570 img_3571 img_3572 img_3573 img_3574 img_3575 img_3576 img_3577 img_3578 img_3579 img_3600 img_3601 img_3602 img_3603 img_3604 img_3605 img_3606 img_3607 img_3608 img_3609 img_3610 img_3611 img_3612 img_3613 img_3614

See Malatapay Beach Resort – This would be a better or cheaper lodging alternative in the area. Room Rate: P800. However, they only have 4-6 rooms (I think).
img_3580 img_3581 img_3582 img_3583 img_3584 img_3585 img_3587 img_3588 img_3589 img_3591 img_3592 img_3593 img_3594 img_3595 img_3596 img_3597 img_3598 img_3599

Overnight at El Dorado Resort
img_3616 img_3617 img_3618 img_3619 img_3620 img_3621 img_3622 img_3623 img_3624 img_3625 img_3626 img_3627 img_3628 img_3629 img_3630 img_3631


One comment

  1. saan mismo yung motorcycle rental? i was in dumaguete in 2004 but in my free time i opted to tour siquijor for three hours only. balikan ko na lang yan

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