Donsol – Legaspi Tour

I usually go solo when travelling. But for this trip, it would be cheaper for me to have it shared with fellow travellers. So I am inviting those who want to go to see the Butandings (Whale Sharks) in Donsol.

The target date is Feb 23-25 (Sat – Mon). Feb 25 is a holiday here, so this is a long weekend here. And, in order to get a cheaper airfare, you have to buy your air ticket as early as NOW.

If interested, please leave a message in my travel page at or at The message will go directly to my office email.

Until then.

Here is the detail:

FEB 23 (SAT)
12 NN – Depart from Manila Domestic Airport
2 PM – Arrive Legaspi. Find van to Donsol. Commute to Donsol.
4 PM – Arrive Donsol. Find lodging.
6 PM – Option to Firefly tour.
8 PM – Dinner.

FEB 24 (SUN)
6 AM – Quick Breakfast
7 AM – Start the Butanding Whale Shark tour
12 NN – Lunch
1 PM – Commute to Legaspi
3 PM – Arrive Legaspi. Find lodging.
4 PM – Hire a tricycle. Do Legaspi town tour.
7 PM – Dinner

FEB 25 (MON)
6 AM – Breakfast
7 AM – Commute to Legaspi Airport
8 AM – Depart from Legaspi Airport
10 AM – Arrive Manila Domestic Airport


AIRFARE RT = 1,920 (Promo, must get ticket now to avail promo)
AIRPORT T. FEE = 300 (Manila & Legaspi)
LEGASPI AIRPORT – DONSOL, RT = 200 (Tricycle-Van-Tricycle)
[TOTAL = 2,420 ~ 2,500 ]

WHALE SHARK WATCHING = 600 (per head, Boat 7 heads + local reg. fee)
FIREFLY WATCHING = (Optional, not included)
LEGASPI TOWN TOUR = 250 (per head for 2, tricycle up to 4)
[TOTAL = 850 ]

DONSOL 1N = 350 (per head for 2, P700 room, possible up to 4 heads)
LEGASPI 1N = 350 (per head for 2, P700 room, possible up to 4 heads)
[TOTAL = 700]

[TOTAL = 750 ]


NOTE: Assumption made here is based on 2 person sharing the expenses (except for the Donsol boat rental – 7 heads). If the sharing would be more than 2, the expenses would be much cheaper. Again, these are just my estimates. Optional tours are not incorporated here. Additional gear rental is also not included here.



  1. hi!

    will your donsol trip push through on feb 23? im from iloilo & i want to see the Pyrolympics, esp Australia’s, on Feb 23. i also plan to go to albay to see mt. mayon. how can we join you? we dont want to miss the pyrolympics, though…


  2. after careful reading of your post, i see that we can’t join your donsol trip since you’ll be leaving legazpi on the 25th, while we’d probably be going to donsol that time.

    my question would be: what’s the name of the hotel you’ve booked at legazpi & donsol & their corresponding rates & contact #s? there are 3 of us going there on feb 24-26 or 27.

  3. Hi. My group (at least 4pax) will also be going to Sorsogon on the same date (assuming Feb 25 is a holiday, it hasn’t been announced yet). But for that 3days we are also going to try wakeboarding in Camsur. So our itinerary will be Legaspi-Sorsogon-Naga-Legaspi. My estimated cost will be around P6,000 which include only airfare, accomodation, tour (Mayon, Butanding, firefly, paguriran island, others around sorsogon area, land transfers. Wala pang food and airport tax. We will take PAL from Manila to Legaspi (P1,309, dep time 7am) and CebuPac from Legaspi to Manila (P1,090, dep time 2pm).
    See yah!

  4. Hi! we’re also planning a legaspi-donsol trip this coming march. could you share with us your contacts the butanding tour and boat rentals? thanks a lot!

  5. hi, you replied to my query over at VT. Did you just booked in advance the boat for whale watching? Can you share who to contact? thanks!

  6. hi, you replied to my query over at VT. Did you just book in advance the boat for whale watching? Can you share who to contact? thanks!

  7. May I know how was your trip to the Bicol Region? We were thinking of going to the same places this holy week, would there be a problem? Thanks.

  8. hi liza, my trip was described in this travel blog – it was generally ok. just check the weather first before going there… the sun must be up and very sunny… in order to see the butanding…

  9. Hi Owen,

    We are a group of 7 persons from HK going to visit your country during 11-17 March 2009 (7 days). Please let me have you comment on my draft itinerary and feel free to revise it to make our trip more funny and valuable. Our total budget for 7 persons for a week in Philippines (excluding cost of airfare) is around (P9000x7=P63000). Is it possible to control the spending within budget? Please let me know the respective terminal fee for Manila/Legaspi and Legaspi/Manila. Many thanks!

    11/3 (Wed)
    HK – Manila (5J109 8:25 AM-10:25 AM )
    Manila-Legaspi (5J327 12:15NN-13:10 PM)
    1. Van to Donsol is preferred. How much it costs?
    2. Please suggest place to stay in Donsol with est room rate. rooms with private toilet and AC are preferred.
    3. Please let me know your comment on firefly tour and the estimated cost.

    12/3 (Thu)
    1. 8:00AM Donsol Whaleshark watching. Pls state est. cost.
    2. PM Half-day sight seeing by Van to cover the following attractions(pls delete if necessary):
    a. Gubat (Rizal Beach) b. Barcelona
    c. Lake Bulusan, Volcano National Park
    d. Masacrot Spring
    e. Namurat Falls
    f. Bulus/Mapaso Spring
    3. Pls suggest place to stay in Sorsogon with est room rate Rooms with private toilet and AC are preferred.

    13/3 (Fri)
    1. Sorsogon-Legaspi. Sight-seeing by van , pls est cost
    a. Mt. Mayon Volcano
    b. Cagsawan Ruins c. Daraga Church (1814)
    d. Camalig (Hoyop Hoyopan Caves/Cagraray Caves)
    f. Busay Falls
    2. Pls suggest place to stay in Legaspi with est room rate. Rooms with private toilet and AC are preferred

    14/3 (Sat)
    1. Camarines Sur Day Tour by Van, please est cost
    a. San Miguel (Punta Beach)
    b. Naga Metropolitan Cathedral (1578)
    c. San Francisco Church
    d. Kulapnitan Caves of Libmanan
    e. Malabsay Falls
    f. Nabontolan Spring g. Mt. Isarog (1966M)
    h. Magragobdob Fall
    i. Caramoan Peninsula
    j. Iriga (Mt. Asog) k. Lake Buhi
    2. Pls suggest where to stay with est room rate. Rooms with private toilet and AC are preferred

    15/3 (Sun)
    1 Catanduanes Island Hopping, pls est the cost
    a. Coconut Point
    b. Twin Rock
    c. Morning Point
    d. Rocky Point
    e. Bintikayan
    f. Toytoy Beach
    g. hidden paradise of bicolandia
    h. Blue Lagoon
    i. endless cave at Patag-Guijalo
    2. Pls suggest place to stay with est room rate. Rooms with private toilet and AC are preferred

    16/3 (Mon)
    1. Catanduanes Island – Legaspi
    Any schedule bus for the above. Pls let me know the timetable and bus fare. or Pls quote price for one way transfer by Van and the traveling time.
    2. Pls suggest place to stay with est room rate. Rooms with private toilet and AC are preferred

    17/3 (Tue)
    1. Legaspi – Manila (5J326 7:25AM-8:15 AM), please advise the cost of transportation from city to airport ?
    2. Optional : Shopping / Casino, Any other suggestions to kill time? How to keep our baggages?
    3. Manila -Hong Kong (5J142 1910-2110 ) Goodbye Philippines. Next trip will be going to Apo Reef in 2010 following Owen’s DIY Travel Plan.

    Many thanks!

    CT Leung

  10. Hi Owen,

    Did not get a reply from you last time. Hope you can consider my place for accommodations. I have 4 fan rooms with a double deck bed in each room.



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