El Nido 2006 (Part 5)

This part just tackels Cadlao Island. The big island fronting the El Nido town. The island is quite big, and exploring it at the same time enjoying it might take 2 daytimes.

Off the track, I noticed that telling this El Nido story that happened last 2006 is quite different. I don’t have the zest to articulate or verbalize what happened there. But I really love the place. Maybe it’s because I have told this story before, and I am just summarizing this when repeated to re-account that adventure.

Bach on track… On Cadlao Island, we just visited 2 spots: 1) Cadlao Lagoon to snorkel, 2) Natnat Beach to rest liesurely.

Cadlao Lagoon

dsc01276 cadlao lagoon dsc01277cadlao lagoon dsc01278 cadlao lagoon

Natnat Beach

dsc01412 natnat beach dsc01413 natnat beach dsc01414 natnat beach

I think this will be the last part of my El Nido 2006 story. Having 5 parts would mean that 1 part is 1 day. Some other part might mean 2 days. Therefore, staying and enjoying El Nido would mean staying there a minimum of 5 days. Believe me, when you go to El Nido, stay there longer. The “getting there” of El Nido is quite expensive and far. It is really worth staying longer there. And there are still places in El Nido I haven’t been able to tackle.

For me, El Nido still remains my best destination in the Philippines. The serenity, the natural beauty, the laid back ambiance, the white beach, the tall cliffs, the friendly people, the lack of crowd, the lagoons, the underwater creatures… all these… makes El Nido the best place for vacation… And I hope, it remains that way.


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