El Nido 2006 (Part 4)

This cluster is composed of Snake Island, Kudugman Beach, Cathedral Cave, and Inambuyatan Island.

Snake Island.

It is so called Snake Island because its sandbar is shaped like “S” – like a snake. This island is a good place for snorkeling. It has a small hill at the end of the sandbar.
dsc01447 snake island PICT0270 PICT0272 PICT0273 PICT0277

Kudugman Beach

Kudugman beach is located at the mainland. This cove have resort where you can rent cottages – possible for overnight. The amenities are all very laid back. I like the beach front of this place. Nearby, there is a cave (actually there are 2 caves here).
PICT0284 PICT0286 PICT0289 dsc01481 kudugman beach dsc01483 nipa hut @ kudugman beach dsc01491 kudugman beach

Inambuyatan Island

For me, this is the symbol of El Nido – an island with high black limestone cliff and a white beach.
dsc01384 inambuyatan island

Cathedral Cave

This cave is actually a cave in an island. The big opening by the sea side makes it like a cathedral. We tried to get inside the cave, but to the strong waves, we were not able to dock.
PICT0310 PICT0311


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