El Nido 2006 (Part 3)

The next cluster here is the Matinloc-Tapuitan Island. The Matinloc island is where we found our favorite beach spot. This island is a very long island, so it would take a whole daytime to explore and enjoy this island. Parallel to this, is the Tapuitan Island. We never land to this island, but it is very near Matinloc Island. I think you can do so if you want to, but in our case we did not have ample time.

Matinloc Island

Here’s a picture of our favorite spot….
dsc01223 matinloc beach dsc01228 owen at matinloc beach dsc01242 matinloc beach

Then, you can also find here the secret beach… where you have to swim through the hole to get to the secret beach… I think this place is a good snorkeling place…
dsc01251secret beach @ matinloc island dsc01252 secret beach @ matinloc island

You can see Tapuitan Island here…
dsc01253 tapiutan & matinloc island dsc01257 tapiutan & matinloc island dsc01262 tapiutan & matinloc island

Interestingly, there is a church here in the heart of the island. This is called the Matinloc Church…
dsc01271 matinloc church dsc01273 matinloc church PICT0086 owen at matinloc church pier

I guess this was our favorite island here in El Nido. And we have been to only 3 spots in this island – Matinloc Church, Lunch spot at the beach, and Hidden Beach.


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