El Nido 2006 (Part 1)

In this post, I will be putting up some of my past trips. And one of this is El Nido Palawan, dubbed as my “Ultimate Adventure”.

First of all, here’s the map of the Bacuit Archipelago or the tourist destination known as El Nido.
el nido map elnido town map

Here’s an actual aerial view of El Nido…
0103 north and south guntao islands el nido palawan 0105 center matinloc el nido palawan 0107 matinloc and tapuitan islands

Getting There:
Getting to El Nido is expensive and far.

Expensive.For a MLA-ENI flight via Seair is already around P8,000 that time but travel time for this is just hours. Once at the airport, you have to ride a tricycle going to the town (P150). Another option I made was a MLA-PPS-ENI route. The MLA-PPS via Cebu Pacific Promo Fare (P4,000) and the Seair PPS-ENI normal flight (P2,000). In this route, I was able to make a PP city tour.

Far. If you want a cheaper fare, then be prepared to travel a long journey. One alternate route I made was a ENI-CORON-MANILA. The ENI-CORON is via Seair plane (P2,000+), then jeep to Coron town (P150), then Superferry for the CORON-MLA (P1,500). In this trip, you have some travel lags between transfers. I had some free time in Coron because I have to wait the departure time at 10pm. So travel time here would be more than 12 hours. Another long route is the MLA-PPS-ENI. The MLA-PPS via plane, and the PPS-ENI via van or bus. The travel time for this would take the whole daytime, unless you can arrange to travel at night.

Here some pictures at El Nido Airport:
0118 dirt road landing el nido airport 0119 el nido airport arrival for seair 0122 seair plane at el nido airport dsc00894 road to from el nido airport

At the El Nido town, here’s what you will see here:
0127 around el nido town 0134 around el nido town 0136 around el nido town 0139 beachside el nido town 0140 beach side el nido town dsc00918 view of cadlao island from el nido town dsc01180  el nido town dsc01182  el nido town dsc01200 owen at el nido town dsc01202 view of cadlao

I really hate to share some info about El Nido because I am afraid that tourists will flock to this place if they realize that it is really cheap to stay there. If people flock to this place, it will become another “Boracay” – not in natural beauty, but in terms of pollution and abuse. However, getting to El Nido is somewhat difficult or an adventure (unless you have the money), and sharing this beautiful place makes me proud that we have a place this in our country.

At El Nido town, there are some lodgings that you can stay at P700-P1500 a night. Be warned that there is a time schedule for its electricity. Usually there is no electricity at night. Anyway, here are pictures of my lodging at Og’s:
0126 around el nido town 0130 og's lodging front 0137 og's lodging front 0123 our room at og's lodging dsc00987 owen at ogs lodging veranda

At the El Nido mainland, you can have your beach by just walking or by boat… here are some of them:
dsc01382 ipil 1 beach dsc01383  ipil 2 beach

Another attraction of the town is the climb at the cliff. By arranging a guided tour at El Nido Boutique & Art Cafe (@P200), you can get to the top of a cliff and see El Nido town from top…
dsc01325 outstanding view of el nido town
dsc01326 view of el nido town dsc01339 owen at el nido cliff dsc01359 breathtaking view of el nido town dsc01360 heto ang view! dsc01369 breathtaking view of el nido town dsc01322  el nido cliff dsc01377 el nido cliff

Oh well, I think this ends my part 1. On the next part of this El Nido story, I will try to make readers understand why 2-3 days stay in El Nido is not enough. Other than the long travel time during the day to El Nido, there are lots of islands to explore and enjoy at El Nido.

Until next time!


One comment

  1. El Nido is really one of my ‘heart’ locations. But the lack of ATM’s or reliable (private) internet has put me off so far to stay there for a longer while. Is there any change over the last year? Smart says it has El Nido covered with 3G, can anyone confirm that? And what is the closest location to El Nido to get money? Thanks! 😉

    Cheers from Goa/India,

    Life is what you make it!

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