Coron Again – 08/25/07

Since I arrived very late here (I should have arrived here at 6am, but it’s already 1pm), I planned of going up to Mount Tapyas to do some photo operations. But then again, I took pictures of the Coron town first… the street… Seadive Resort entrance gate… the Bus/Jeep Terminal… the town market…

Coron Street img_0225 seadive entrance img_0228 coron bus terminal img_0229 coron bus terminal

Here a pictures of the simple cariderias where I used to eat lunch and dinner… Jackie’s and Trining Bacsa’s…
img_0226 jackie's carinderia img_0227 trining bacsa carinderia

On the way to Mt. Tapyas you will see some signpost…
img_0230 sign to mt tapyas

And here are my pictures of Mt. Tapyas…
img_0235 stairs to mt tapyas img_0236 mt tapyas img_0238 mt tapyas img_0244 mt tapyas img_0246 mt tapyas img_0248 mt tapyas img_0262 owen mt tapyas img_0270 mt tapyas img_0271 mt tapyas img_0276 owen mt tapyas img_0283 owen mt tapyas img_0296 mt tapyas img_0301 mt tapyas img_0313 owen mt tapyas img_0329 mt tapyas

From Mt. Tapyas, here are the pictures of Coron Island…
img_0321 mt tapyas img_0322 mt tapyas img_0323 mt tapyas img_0324 mt tapyas img_0325 mt tapyas

After that, I went back to my lodging. Nothing to do, I took some night shots…
img_0332 night view from alcaraz lodging img_0334 night view from alcaraz lodging img_0335 moon night view from alcaraz lodging

And that ends my 2nd day, my Saturday in Coron.


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