Coron Again – 08/24/07

Here I am again going to Coron Palawan. Silly as it may seems, but the main reason for going here is because I have a new digicam and I want to practice shooting some new settings. And since Coron is easily accessible and have a cheap fare, I decided to go Coron again….

Here’s my intro… at the superferry terminal at Pier 15…
img_0096 superferry pier

Here the superferry ship, MV Our Lady Of Medjugorje (OLOM)…
img_0103 mv our lady of medjugorje

Inside MV OLOM… well, I think this is the least nice ship of superferry…
img_0106 olom mega value room img_0129 mv olom super value room

Here’s the view of Manila as seen from MV OLOM while docked in Manila Bay…
img_0107 around pier 15

And because of so many cargo vehicles, our departure was delayed from 6pm etd to 10pm etd. Instead of being angry and frustrated, I experiment some night shots while at the ship…
img_0110 at night  around pier 15

I slept that Friday night in the superferry beds at around 10pm, the ship still not departing. When I woke up, we were at Apo Reef area. I know this place because I was here last May this year 2007…
img_0128 apo reef island

When the ship is about to reach the northern part of Busuanga Island, we saw some dolphins passing by…. by the way, the wave of the sea was suprisingly very calm…
img_0145 dolphin sighting near tara i.

This is my fourth timr here in Coron. And rarely I see the approach of the ship to Coron because usually the ships approaches Coron at dawn while it is still very dark. However, here’s my first sight and my first shot of the approach…
img_0165 dibatuc i. busuanga img_0173 coron island approach img_0181 coron island approach img_0183 coron island approach img_0186 coron island approach img_0193 coron island approach

And here’s the Coron Pier… Just walk outside the pier gate and ride the tricycle from there (Fare: P10)… Do not ride the tricycle inside the Pier gate, the fare there is much higher…
img_0196 coron pier

I first went to Seadive Resort, but it was closed due to some government permit issues. So I looked around, and the lodging inns are full. Luckily for me, through some contacts there, I was able to find a good lodging place. It was a residential room on a stilt actually…. The toilet is outside the room but nearby… Since I am solo, I got it for P250 per night. They usually rent it for P300 per night. This is located in front of Sea Coral Lodge…
img_0199 sea coral lodge img_0201alcaraz lodging img_0200 alcaraz lodging img_0220 alcaraz lodging cr img_0222 alcaraz lodging cr

The view around my lodging….
img_0214 view from alcaraz lodging img_0217 view from alcaraz lodging

I was able to settle in this room at around 1 pm already. So this ends my Day 1 of my Coron Again Trip.


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